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Romera Brass

J.Bernado Silva

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Bernardo was born in Porto, Portugal, and is one of the most prominent Portuguese horn players.
He studied with Jonathan Luxton in Lisbon and with Ab Koster in Hamburg.
Bernardo is a member of the Porto Casa da Música Symphony Orchestra, in Portugal.
He has performed as a soloist, in recitals, chamber music and orchestra in many countries, such as Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Poland, Germany, England, Finland, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, Russia, Brazil and Mexico.
Bernardo teaches at the University of Aveiro, at the Higher School of Music and Performing Arts of Porto – ESMAE and at the Escola de Profissional de Música de Espinho, in Portugal. He is part of the teaching team of the MpMusic Foundation in university courses based in Seville, Spain.
He frequently conducts master classes in Portugal and abroad. He is regularly invited to be a jury in national and international competitions, he has been in competitions in Portugal, Spain and Finland.
He was awarded First Prize at the Farkas Competition organized by the International Horn Society, Finland in 2002.
His discography includes several solo works, chamber music and as an orchestral musician. His two solo albums 'Lunar Songs' and 'Solo' have received rave reviews. He made the world's first recording of the work 'Jeanne d'Arc' for soloist and wind orchestra by composer Alex Poelman for the Dutch label Molenaar.
Bernardo is also a very active chamber musician, often performing in duets with piano and in a horn quartet. He is a founding member of the Trompas Lusas quartet. The group frequently performs in concerts in Portugal and abroad.
He frequently performs at symposiums, congresses and meetings of the International Horn Society (IHS), the Spanish Association of Horn Lovers and the Catalan Association of Horn Players.
He is a member of the Advisory Council of the International Horn Society.
Bernardo is an artist for DürkHorns and Romera Brass.