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ROMERA BRASS, by TONY ROMERA The combination of my passion for music, the hobby of playing the trombone, training as a turner mechanic and my curiosity to know how the mouthpieces work, have given me the opportunity to help the musician to have the best mouthpiece equipment:-

ROMERA BRASS, by TONI ROMERA Advises and manufactures mouthpieces for professional musicians. .

Signature Mouthpieces - Solidary Mouthpieces

Solidary Mouthpieces

Romera Brass collaborates with some of today's most renowned musicians. Exclusive models created from admiration and gratitude for sharing with us the values of friendship and the search for excellence. For each purchase of one of our Romera Brass mouthpieces from the Signature series, we donate 10% to the Cuida'm program, an initiative of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, which allows children from all over the world with serious illnesses and without access to treatment or economic resources to heal themselves at home, to be transferred to the Barcelona facilities to receive medical help they need and return, once they are recovered, to their countries with their families. You can see more information about the work they do at the following link: https://www.sjdhospitalbarcelona.org/es/colabora/cuidam Many thanks to all our Signature friends for collaborating in this solidarity project.