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Solidary Mouthpieces

Romera Brass collaborates with some of today's most renowned musicians. Exclusive models created from admiration and gratitude for sharing with us the values of friendship and the search for excellence. For each purchase of one of our Romera Brass mouthpieces from the Signature series, we donate 10% to the Cuida'm program, an initiative of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona, which allows children from all over the world with serious illnesses and without access to treatment or economic resources to heal themselves at home, to be transferred to the Barcelona facilities to receive medical help they need and return, once they are recovered, to their countries with their families. You can see more information about the work they do at the following link: https://www.sjdhospitalbarcelona.org/es/colabora/cuidam Many thanks to all our Signature friends for collaborating in this solidarity project.

Romera Brass A partner for your talent

If you want to have your best mouthpiece, don't waste time, try or buy a thousand mouthpieces that in the end don't fit what you're looking for, custom mouthpieces (CUSTOM) are the only option.

Hi, I'm Toni Romera!

My passion for music, the hobby of playing the trombone, training as a mechanical turner and my curiosity to know how mouthpieces work, have given me the opportunity to help musicians to have the best mouthpiece equipment:

ROMERA BRASS, by TONI ROMERA Advises and manufactures custom mouthpieces for the professional musician.

Buy the Solidary Bag, a solidary project

This is the story of why we dedicate our Solidary project in the Cuida’m program of the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona. 

Several years ago, together with my wife, we adopted two girls from China. When they arrived, they both had many health problems and we spent many days and nights at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

One morning, when I was in the cafeteria after not having slept all night, a man who happened to be a volunteer at the hospital sat next to me. 

He began to explain to me all the activities they were carrying out so that the stay of the children and also of the relatives was as pleasant as possible.

But what surprised me the most was when he told me that throughout his entire working life (now retired), he dedicated himself to growing his company, he had achieved success, money and reputation. However, he told me that he had never experienced such a feeling of happiness as when he started volunteering at the hospital. By buying a mouthpiece and with effort, you will obtain fame, success and money, but by acquiring the solidary cover you will also find the happiness of protecting the mouthpiece and also helping children who are in a very difficult situation.

Thank you for helping in this solidary project. 

Note: Signature Series mouthpieces are shipped with a Solidary Bag. 

Custom Series mouthpieces require separate purchase of Solidariy Bag and can only be purchased if you purchase the mouthpiece

Romera Brass ACADEMY Blog

How does the mouthpieces work?

The mouthpiece has always been and will be a mystery,

There are so many thousands of variants that every little modification is like a totally different mouthpiece.

My story is also your story

I have been making mouthpieces for over thirty years and since day one I have not stopped investigating how they work.

And you, you can spend your whole life buying and trying mouthpieces without finding your perfect mouthpiece and the saddest part, if you have one that works for you, you will never know why?, since nobody has ever explained anything to you about the mouthpieces.

For years (like you) I was lost and analyzed every change I made to the mouthpieces, but always stumbled upon the same thing.

Why does the same mouthpiece work in a very different way if one musician plays it or another or if he changes instruments, the same mouthpiece no longer works the same?

One day, talking to a Doctor of acoustics, she gave me the keys to understand how mouthpieces work. It opened my eyes!! 

!!!!Listen well!!!

She told me that it had been years since she had worked with musicians to obtain acoustic results. 

For example, analyze the acoustics of a mouthpiece.

The Doctor's words: If we work with musicians we will only have these readings.

The mood, mental state and physical state of the musician

But no we will have a decisive result on the tests that are carried out.

If we carry out the same test, in the same room, with the same musician, instrument, mouthpiece, at different minutes or hours, the result will be totally different.

Here, I had the key!!!

When I understood the Doctor's words, I began to understand how the mouthpieces work.

To understand how they work, I had to look beyond the simple mouthpiece.

I started to understand that the mouthpiece is nothing, if we do not see the musician, mouthpiece and instrument as a whole.

How do you have your lip, how do you blow air, the organology of the mouthpiece, is it compensated with your way of playing?, of blowing air?? What resistance does the instrument you play have? and as the Doctor said, the mood, the mental state and the physical state of the musician.

Actually I realized that everything was much simpler, 

The mouthpiece is a simple regulator.

If it is not balanced, with the air you blow or the instrument, the mouthpiece simply will not work for you.

When I realized this, I stopped making standard mouthpieces, to making custom mouthpieces so that I could really help musicians.

If someone tells you or tries to sell you that this model or brand of mouthpiece is the best, they are simply misinformed or lying to you.

(You will find thousands on Youtube)

Perhaps it is the best for him, because of his way of playing, of blowing air, the instrument, his lip, but is it the same for you?   Sure it isn't.

At Romera Brass ACADEMY I not only analyze the mouthpiece but I delve into many more aspects that no one has explained to you.

I am aware that it is a long and complicated job to explain, but if you want to learn, I am even more eager to explain what I am learning every day.

I put on my cap and !!let's start!!!!!

Blog Romera Brass ACADEMY