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Romera Brass

François Thuillier

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François Thuillier was born in 1967 and belongs to the new generation of tuba players, renowned for their knowledge, inquiring minds and inventive style and known for playing a wide range of jazz and improvisational music with symphony orchestras.

He began his musical career at Doullens and then, after several awards at the 'Conservatories of Music' in AMIENS, LILLE and ROUBAIX, he was offered a place at the CNSM (Conservatoire de Paris) in Paris in 1986, where he was taught by F.LELONG and received 3 first prizes in Saxhorn, Tuba and Chamber Music.

At the same time, he enrolled at the CIM (School of Jazz and Modern Music) in the Department of Jazz Composition and continued his musical training with PH.LEGRIS, known for his work with contemporary music and musical theater. He joined the Gardiens de la Paix Harmony Orchestra in Paris in 1989 and has since developed a career as a member of the orchestra, soloist and Jazzman.

Also in 1989 he met Marc STECKAR and his TUBAPACK, with whom he has worked regularly for the last 12 years and together they have created many recordings.

Since 1988 he plays all over the world in QUOI DE NEUF DOCTEUR with S.ADAM, R.ANDERSON, with Ars Nova, with C.BARTHELEMY, in the Intercontemporary Orchestra with P.BOULEZ (cd of DEUTSCHE GRAMMOPHON), with the Canadian Brass, French Brass, Eutepée, Hexagon, F.JEANNEAU, D.LOOKWOOD, B.LUBAT, JM.MACHADO, M.MARRE, JJ MILTEAU, JAZZ ORCHESTRA IN MINOTAUR OF JMPADOVANI, Michel PORTAL, Orchestra of Paris, Opera of Lyon the Orchestra of Radio France, Y. ROBERT, F. ROSSE, L. SCLAVIS, STECKAR TUBAPACK and with B. STRUBER.

Currently playing with JAZZ ENSEMBLE by P.CARATINI, MEGA OCTET by A.EMLER, NEW DECABAND by M.SOLAL, JM MACHADO (orchestre Danzas), EVOLUTIV BRASS, en el EUROPEAN TUBA TRIO, with LPT 3 Trio (JL POMMIER and C. LAVERGNE), a duo with A.BRUEL and Anthony CAILLET (Duo FACT)

In 1995, he formed his BRASS TRIO with Daniel CASIMIR (trombone) and Serge ADAM (trumpet) and a duo with PIERRE ‘TIBOUM’ GUIGNON (percussion). As a member of these groups, he creates numerous CDs, gives master classes and plays in numerous countries and prestigious festivals throughout Europe (Présences, Guebwiller, Eurocuivres, Episval, Le Monastier, ITEC in Budapest, Germany, Finland, Holland, Lisbon, Tokyo…)

Being a brilliant soloist in all musical genres and a skilled improviser, he has turned his hand towards new challenges; jazz and improvisation, and has helped create many pieces for the Symphony Orchestra, the Jean GOBINET concerto; for harmony orchestras – the concertos by A.EMLER, J.M MACHADO, JC. CHOLET, D. BIMBI, S. KREGAR, M.LYS, J.J CHARLES, and J.P VANBESELAERE; for Tuba and Piano – Y. GLOBOKAR; for Big Band – CARATINI, J.GOBINET; for Brass Band – S. ADAM, D. LELOUP, Daniel CASIMIR, M. STECKAR for tuba solo and duet – C.JOUS, D.HAVET, S.KASSAP, P.OPRANDI, F.ROSSE …

He is the author of educational books (publishers – COMMBRE, LAFITAN and FEELING MUSIQUE) and is the proud owner of a Certificate of Aptitude. He also taught at the Doullens School of Music from 1985 to 1995 and has taught at the Amiens National Conservatory since 1995.

In 2000 he founded the MEGA TUBA ORCHESTRA, the Big Band of Tubas and drums at the Amiens Conservatory (CD recorded in 2006 and 2012).

In 2005, 2010 and 2015 he organized the 'TUBA SHOW' in Paris together with Jean Claude DECALONNE (FEELING MUSIQUE) and P.LEGRIS in honor of Marc STECKAR's 70th, 75th and 80th birthday.

His discography includes almost 200 CDs with 25 to his name (Discography available at Feeling Music or at

François Thuillier plays with a YAMAHA tuba, a ROMERA BRASS mouthpiece (Spain) and SCHLIPFINGER mutes (Austria).

He has been the artistic director of the MONTONVILLERS Jazz Festival since 2004 ( and the artistic director of the Brass Festival “Amiens joue des cuivres” since 2016.