17. Cómo comprar tus boquillas Romera Brass Online

17. How to buy your Romera Brass mouthpieces Online


How many times have you wondered where to buy CUSTOM mouthpieces online without leaving your home? 

We know that it is not always an easy process, so in this post we are going to explain step by step how you can buy your mouthpieces on our website. 

  1. Before starting to configure your mouthpiece, I advise you to look at the information that you will find at the top of the page of the instrument that you are interested in.

2a 👉English version, Information, options and sizes

A very useful first PDF with information, options and measurements, in one place, you will find all the basic information to start configuring your mouthpiece.

2b 👉 Standard Romera Brass sizes in PDF

And if you don't know very well where to start configuring your mouthpiece or you get confused with the sizes, in this second PDF I give you some references according to the diameter of the rim or the cup of some sizes that I recommend as standards.

2c 👉 Equivalences with other brands.

On this page you will find some sizes with equivalences from other brands. 

Note: The sizes that appear in this document, on many occasions do not correspond to the measurements that the manufacturers put in their catalogues, but these are the real sizes, if you want to buy them with my mouthpieces.

Manufacturers do not always give us the actual measurements, if you want to know more why this happens, you can look at the entry to the

Boquilleando's Blog,Nº8. Why do the sizes of the mouthpieces of the different brands not match even though they are the same size? where I explain why this happens.

Now that we have more information, Go for it!

!!We are going to configure our CUSTOM mouthpiece!!

1. In the navigation bar - Custom Mouthpieces

Choose the instrument for the mouthpiece you want, when you are inside the  instrument you will have more options, in some cases by types of music or by type of instrument.

What Mouthpieces are you looking for?? for Jazz; Lead; Salsa? Classical music? Baroque music? Don't worry, we have all the best options.

(Except Euphonium that there is only one category)

Do you already have your option?? OK, let's continue

2. If it is your first mouthpiece, first choose how you want the mouthpiece

Fixed or with removable ring.

Note: If you already have a mouthpiece with a removable rim, you have the option of buying additional cups or rings. 

Options: Cup Only or Rim Only

  1. Once we have chosen the type of Mouthpieces,

Fixed or with Detachable Rim.

All the options that we can customize are open to us.

in the first place 

3.1 Choose the cup model.

In this case we are choosing only the depth of the cup

3.2 Inner Rim measurement options

When you already have the cup that best suits you, we choose the inner diameter of the ring, remember that if you are not sure you can consult the "Equivalences with other brands".

3.3 Rim Shape Options

This option is closely linked to how we have the lip or our preferences, if a rounded or semi-flat rim suits us better.

Note: According to the measurement of the inner rim that you have configured in the previous step. Inner Rim measurement options, this comes with standard measurements, but you can customize it in step Nº 3.10

3.4 Inner Neck Options:

The inner rim is related to the air we draw and serves as a regulator 

(For more information consult again 

2a 👉Spanish eversion, Information, options and measures

1.5 Shank options

The shank is the part of the mouthpiece that goes into the instrument.

Note: This option is only available for


Tenor trombone

Piccolo Trumpet


These instruments can have different sizes of the shank and that is why I give you the option to customize them.

1.6 Exterior Shape Options: 

You can customize your mouthpiece with one of these three outer 

-Standard: Romera Brass 

-Megatone: more weight

-Light: less weight

Note: Except for Piccolo Trumpet, Flugelhorn and Alto Trombone which only have the option of the standard exterior.

1.7 Finishing options:

Three different options of different finishes

-All the mouthpiece with silver plated

-All the mouthpiece with gold plated

-Gold-plated rim and silver-plated body

So far the mandatory options for your CUSTOM mouthpiece but if this is not enough you can still customize more things......

1.8 Customize your mouthpiece.

Option so you can engrave the name you want on the mouthpiece.

1.9 I want to include the Solidary Bag.

This bag not only serves to protect the mouthpiece but it is a Solidarity bag, with the purchase of the bag €2 goes to the solidarity project that we collaborate with.

"Cuida'm Program of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Barcelona"

1.10 Customize the measurement of the outer diameter of the rim.

If you need a wider or narrower rim than the ones I propose as standard, you just have to enter the size you want and there is no problem.

1.11 Customize the throat diameter.

Finally, and if you think you need another measure of throat, you can customize it to the extent you want, without limits to your air.

We already have the mouthpiece NOT EASY!!

6. Now you only have to "Finish your order"

Once you have configured your best nozzle click on

Add to cart

Check your cart to see that everything is correct and click "Add To Cart". For your order to be added to the shopping cart.

Enter your personal data and continue with the payment.

As simple as that!

Once you reach the last step, you will have to enter the payment method that we have.

Tarjeta, Paypal, Shop Pay, Apple pay,

Once paid you will receive confirmation of your order by email, as well as its status in the different phases of the process. 

And now, to wait for your new Boquilla CUSTOM at home!

If you have any questions or need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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