23. Diámetro interior del aro

23. Inner Rim size options

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In this short, we resolve questions about my website.

Inner Rim Sizes options.

On my website, when you buy a Custom mouthpiece , one of the mandatory options to choose are: Inner Rim size options.


Some of you asked me what exactly this option refers to.

On the website I do not give more explanations and perhaps you also have that doubt. What are the “Inner Rim size options”?

Let's start!!!!!!!!!!!!


I think the drawing on the cover clearly shows you what it refers to and where it is located.


Inner Rim size options, refers to the sizes of the inner diameter of the rim.


The sizes of the inner diameter of the rim goes from point A inside the rim to the opposite end, point B, and the total of this measurement is the "Inner Rim size options".


(To make it more graphic I put them from point A to point B)


Another thing that may confuse you a little is that (at least in my models) when you open this option the first thing that appears is a number.


This first number is a code, but it is not the inner diameter of the rim, the diameter of the inside of the rim comes after this code.


When we refer to the inner diameter of the rim, you will see this Ø symbol indicating that it is a diameter.


Note: The drawing that illustrates this simulation corresponds to a Euphonium mouthpiece but it is exactly the same for all instruments.


You can review the chapter of Romera Brass Academy Nº 9 where I explain where we take the sizes of the inner diameter of the rim.


A link from my website that will be very useful to you is:

👉 Equivalences with other brands,

You will find this link at the top of each instrument, the sizes that you will find for each mouthpiece are the real ones, even if they do not coincide with the sizes that each manufacturer gives us.

The sizes I give you are the real and exact measurements, so you can compare them with my models.

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