11. Realizando un trabajo totalmente artesanal

11. Handmade work

In the last entry of boquilleando (nº 10) about what is our way of knowing the shape and exact sizes of a mouthpiece, I advanced that in the next entry we would show how we take the measurements of the depth of the cup.

But being in August I thought that we are going to make a post more summery and without so much information. It is always good to see how others work, while we are on vacation under a palm tree, so today I am going to show you how I do a totally manual and artisan work.

They have sent me a mouthpiece with a fixed rim to which they ask me to put a removable rim. I am going to cut the rim, make the thread... and all this completely manually, as if it were the last century, don't miss it!

I look forward to your comments, greetings and lots of music!

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