8-¿Se puede recomendar una boquilla sin saber cómo toca el músico?

8-Can you recommend a mouthpiece without knowing how the musician plays?

At this moment I am answering e-mails and I realize that in the queries I receive, in most cases, you ask me to recommend a mouthpiece (for the high register, for the low register, which ring is better). , etc.)

If you are one of those who have ever asked me a question of this type, you will know that I always answer that, in my opinion, it is impossible to recommend a mouthpiece without knowing how the musician in question plays.

I could recommend a mouthpiece and say that it is the best in the world, that it has spectacular treble or bass but, honestly, I would be lying to you.

Before the pandemic, I received many musicians in my workshop with the aim of working together to find the best mouthpiece, but it is increasingly difficult to do it this way.

Therefore, if due to distance, restrictions or difficulties to travel it is impossible for you to come to my workshop, now communicating via WhatsApp can be a good and simple solution.

In this video I show you how you can send me a WhatsApp to be able to place your order, if you wish, with the help of my recommendations according to your specific needs. And thus have a more direct contact with me. Do not miss it!

Well friends and friends, I await your WhatsApp's!

Greetings and lots of music!

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