¿Músico o atleta de carreras de obstáculos?

30. A musician or an obstacle race athlete?


I have heard it said many times that the mouthpiece is important but that what is really important is to study more, and study intelligently.

Maybe they are right. To become a good musician, without a doubt, you will have to study, and a lot. But, if you do not have the right mouthpiece, you will be fighting against elements that you will not be able to solve with study alone, since they are elements external to the study, physical elements that you can hide and try to tame, but that will always be there and every day they will remind you that they are.

In the end, you will become an obstacle course athlete, who every day will “train” (or in this case “study”) just to overcome some obstacles. I think the easiest thing is to solve the problem (or obstacles) you may have with the mouthpiece and dedicate your time to making music, in a a more fun and less stressful way 🎶 😉 What do you think?

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