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9-Discouraged - out of tune, Happy - tuned

The other day, while reading a book, something curious happened to me. On one of its pages I thought I read that one of the characters was out of tune.

I kept reading, until I stopped and asked myself: out of tune? I went to recover the line in which I had read it, and verified that no, it did not put out of tune but discouraged.
I thought I had made a strange association, but after a while and on second thought, I realized that maybe it wasn't so strange.
Out of tune instead of discouraged or depressed…in tune instead of happy…I liked it!
I realized that if we used in-tune-out-of-tune to describe these sensations/feelings/emotions, its meaning is still fully understandable to most people.

I think that from now on I am going to use in tune/out of tune/o to refer to those moods that we usually have in our day to day. And, I am sure that the phrase that I will use the most will be "Today I feel super tuned" 😉.

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