¿Se puede recomendar una boquilla por email o WhatsApp?

28. Can a mouthpiece be recommended by email or WhatsApp?

Every day I have an email or WhatsApp similar to this….

I play with an instrument model:……… with a mouthpiece model:……..

And phrases similar to:

The sound that comes out is:…

I have the staccato:…

High or low notes are difficult for me:…

So a long etc... of variants

And at the end the question, Can you recommend a mouthpiece?


Some musicians believe that depending on the instrument, it needs a specific mouthpiece and this is a mistake, it is each musician who needs a specific mouthpiece and not the instrument.


The answer I always give is the same:

I can't recommend a mouthpiece without knowing how you play.

The design of a mouthpiece does not determine the sound that will come out of it.

the same mouthpiece on different lips (Musician) or instrument the sound will be totally different.


Imagine that you as a musician you draw little air and you have a very large instrument and someone with good intentions tells you that with such a large instrument model, it is best to take a very large mouthpiece model to have more sound.


In this case, what will be the result? I don't know, but I almost dare to assure that it will be the opposite of the result you expect.


Slow staccato, lack of harmonics, the notes will not have focus, problems making the first attack, low high register of tuning, lack of projection in the sound,……etc…….. as you see, everything is positive….


If you want me to recommend a mouthpiece, I have to see and listen to how you play, if you just tell me the model of instrument you play, but, I don't know how you play, it's of no use to me.


To choose your best mouthpiece, it is very simple, there are only three problems,


You have to analyze yourself (the technical part), without blaming the mouthpiece or the instrument, you have to be honest with the technical part and accept reality.

Do you blow a lot or little air? Do you have slow staccato? Do you struggle with the bass or the high notes? How's your lip? You have …….. etc……….



You have to know what your instrument is like, big, small, offers a lot or little resistance... etc...


We already have two elements, your way of playing and what the instrument you play is like, now we only need to add the third element, which is between the musician and the instrument, THE MOUTHPIECE


I will not tire of saying that the mouthpiece is a simple air flow regulator, which regulates the capacity and speed of the air drawn by the musician (it is different for each musician) and the resistance offered by the instrument.

And here is the THIRD big problem, How to get the best mouthpiece? There are several solutions, buy or try a thousand mouthpieces and find one that more or less adapts to your way of playing and the instrument or you forget everything I have told you before and go to a specialist who can analyze your way of playing. play, your strengths and weaknesses, the response of the instrument and I can advise you and make your best mouthpiece.


I understand that this option is complicated, it takes an effort of time and money, but I think it is much less expensive than spending a lifetime searching, testing and buying mouthpieces.

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