26. El cambio a boquillas más grandes tiene de ser progresivo

26. The change to larger mouthpiece must be progressive

Note for teachers 🧐: 

Many teachers start their young students with small and adequate mouthpieces to begin with, but in a short time, when they begin to play a little better, the teacher makes them change mouthpieces... what many teachers call it, "More professional mouthpieces" which are usually much larger.

And this is where many teachers make a mistake.

Thinking that "By playing with a bigger mouthpiece, everything will be much better"

More sound, perhaps at first the high notes will cost a little more, but with study you will overcome it and in a few months the student will be able to improve in his studies."

Good intentions,


But months go by and the student may not improve, on the contrary, a lot of effort and few results.

Since we have changed the mouthpiece and the student is the same, it is easy to think that the mouthpiece is to blame and in reality it is true.


Teacher's solution: the search for the perfect mouthpiece begins, he makes him try another mouthpiece, a few months later, …..this one doesn't work either, let's try another one……..,……


Maybe you have been there, as a teacher or student.


With the mouthpiece we all know that there are no magic solutions, but there are reasonable solutions.

I will not tire of explaining that the mouthpiece is a simple air flow regulator, which regulates the capacity and speed of the air that the musician has.

Every musician is different.

If we give the student a mouthpiece larger than his capacity to fill the mouthpiece with air, he can study twice as many hours, but the result will always be the same, poor sound, lack of harmonics, difficulty with the high notes, ……. As you see, everything is an advantage…


The change to larger mouthpieces must be progressive and we will have to change to a larger mouthpiece only when the student has more capacity and volume of air. Only then, they can play with larger mouthpiece models, but if the student does not evolve in this sense, it will always be better to continue with smaller mouthpieces.


To be able to play with larger mouthpieces.

First you have to work the air you throw.

You are going to need: more volume, more pressure and more speed in the air you throw and when you have all this, you can think about larger mouthpieces.


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