20.¿Tudel interior abierto, para tener más volumen de sonido?

??Does the inside backbore open, to have more sound volume??¿¿

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To have more sound volume

Don't make the mistake of buying a mouthpiece with an open backbore.

In all my models of the CUSTOM series you can choose between three different inner tube models, the one we would call Standard, one more open and one more closed.

Some musicians buy my mouthpieces with the backbore open, thinking that they will have a bigger, more powerful sound, you will be able to play louder.

But, in many cases this can be a mistake and you can find a completely opposite reaction, less sound volume and a sound that is poorer in harmonics.

The function of the backbore is to regulate the amount of air you draw.

If you blow a lot of air, the open backbore is the best option, since you have to vent all the volume of air you are blowing, but do not buy it to have more or less sound volume.


The interior mouthpiece must be proportioned and compensated for the pressure and amount of air you blow, otherwise the mouthpiece simply will not work.


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