24. ¿Qué influencia tiene el punto culminante con el labio?

24. What influence does the high point have with the lip?

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Greetings Metalworkers

This 24th chapter of Romera Brass ACADEMY links to number 5 where we talked about the high point.


We said that it has no influence on the sound, neither on the high or low notes, nor in the stacatto, It was just a feeling, but we were left without exactly knowing what it is for.


In this chapter we see the influence and the relationship that the high point has with the lip, 

¡¡¡¡ Let's start!!!!!!!

In reality, It does have an influence on the low or high notes, but, to have this influence we will have to change the inner diameter of the rim.

We see it in this chapter. And another aspect would be more of sensation, with the same sizes of the inner and outer diameter of the rim.

If we change the position of the high point

We will have the feeling that it is not the same rim,


About this aspect “Sensations”

We will talk in another chapter of Romera Brass ACADEMY 

The high point helps me to start a new topic.

which is: How the lip works to be able to play a metal instrument and you will see the relationship that the high point has with the lip, for example.

If we take a trumpet rim and a tuba rim, represented in these two drawings the small for example is the trumpet one and the big is the tuba one in the center.


I have marked another circumference representing the high point, as it is obvious.


The high point of a tuba mouthpiece will be much more open than a trumpet mouthpiece.


For me it is complicated to explain this topic but I try to explain the relationship and the lip. 

The high point is where the vibration of the lip stops.


Somehow acts like the frets for example, of this ukulele. I introduce  you the Juanita my daughter's ukulele


and I've been thinking about it for a long time to see where the mouthpiece is placed and that's why I don't know how to play it, because I don't know where to put the mouthpiece.

Well, forgive this bad joke.😒


But, let's get to the topic. If I play the string in the air a low note would sound if we compare it with the high point It would be located between this fret and this fret.


From here from one end to the other, let's say it would be like a very large tuba rim. But if I put my finger on another fret the high point would change,


It would be, from where I have my finger, to the other end.


For example, now it would be a trombone mouthpiece, but if I go a little lower of the string you will have a trumpet rim, do you understand the comparison?


We would have to compare the lip to a string, for example from the ukulele we have seen before and the limit or the part of the lip that delimits the vibration is the high point.


That is why we have already commented that the high point is where we have the maximum pressure on the rim.


In chapter number 5 we commented that it had no influence on anything but we can see that it has influence if we move the high point, whether the rim is larger or smaller, yes, it will be of great importance.


When I made the comparison with the strings of the ukulele I was greatly exaggerated but I hope you understand the comparison.


We will continue with this topic in other chapters of Romera Brass ACADEMY


I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.


Greetings and lots of music

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