5. El punto culminante

5. Culminating point, High point, Point of maximum pressure of the lips.

The high point is a very important part of the rim, but since it is not visible at first sight, it often goes unnoticed.

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Greetings Metalworkers

The high point is located on the mouthpiece rim,

But do you know where it is located and how you can find the high point of your mouthpiece?

!!!!Let's start¡¡¡¡


The shape of the inner and outer rim have more or less rounded shapes (unless it is a completely flat rim such as baroque rims), but now I am talking about modern rims.

The rounded shape of the inner rim and the rounded shape of the outer rim, right where they intersect, the high point is formed.


If you want to see exactly where the high point is located on your mouthpiece, there is a very easy way to know.

With a marker you paint the outline of the rim and pass over it a flat surface and a very fine line will be marked, this line is the high point. That easy 


When you put the mouthpiece on your lip the first thing you notice is the high point, it has no influence on the sound, neither the high or low notes, nor the staccatto, at all, it is just a feeling.


But this feeling is very important, we will see why in another chapter of Romera Brass ACADEMY


The high point is the part that protrudes the most from the rim and where the lip will have the most pressure on the rim.

If you buy two of the same mouthpieces and the high point is not located in the same place, they will look like two very different mouthpieces.

You may even think that the inner diameter is different, but it may simply be that the high point is not located in the same place.

I remember that when I started with mouthpieces I also made copies of  other brands, I could copy all the sizes and shapes of the rim, but I couldn't find  the high point, and I found out that the musician did not have the same feeling with the copy of the rim and it was because the high point was not located in the same measure, over time, I learned that it was a very important part of the rim and also for the musician.


Today we have seen where it is and how to locate the high point of your mouthpiece.

I'm Toni Romera and I'll see you in the next video. 

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Greetings and lots of music

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