27. ¿Profundidad de copa? o mejor ¿Volumen de aire?

27. Cup depth? or better, air volume?



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Saludos Metal Heads

-In the previous chapter of Romera Brass ACADEMY Nº25

We had a challenge, to get a darker sound from a V-shaped cup that gave us a rather bright sound.

One of the options was to make the same V-shaped cup but deeper, and we comment that this may seem like a contradiction., because you may think that if the cup is V-shaped the sound will continue to be bright.Here we are going to stop the explanation and I am going to introduce a concept.

Let's just start!!!!

The cup whichever shape had , V-shaped or U-shaped in double cup, square. If we take any size or shape for example this one that I have drawn here in blue and we play with it,<>I don't know what sound it will have, as it largely depends on who plays it, but suppose it has a pretty bright sound. If we take this same shape of the V-shaped cup but deeper than I have drawn here in green, even if it has the same V-shaped cup and we play with it, the sound will be darker, for one simple reason, inside the cup increases air volume, this green-colored cup has more air volume than this in blue and for this simple reason it will have a darker sound.

Let's go back to the previous cup with a V-shaped and green I have painted here and I draw another U-shaped cup this one in red I'm sure you're going to think that the sound of the U-shaped cup will be darker, but the concept I want you to learn today is that it will have a darker sound because inside the cup more air volume is created there is more space in the V-shaped cup we have this volume up to here but the U-shaped creates more space inside and you will have more air volume and because of this it will have the darkest sound.

Here is another example, We have a U-shaped cup but much smaller than this other shaped form the V. Which of the two will have a brighter sound? The one with the V-shaped or the one with the smallest U-shaped, the answer is the one with the lowest air volume inside the cup, In this case the U-shaped cup will have a brighter sound, because it has much less volume than the V-shaped cup, This is seen very clearly on the trumpet mouthpieces. which are rather U-shaped cups but which we heard with a rather brilliant sound, we will talk about these cups in the next Romera Brass ACADEMY chapter.

The more air volume a cup has either because it is deeper or by the shape of the cup, the one with the most volume is the one that will have the darkest sound, and on the contrary, the smaller cups there is less air volume inside and will have a brighter sound, this happens in all cup shapes either U-shaped or V-shaped 

In this chapter we have seen that the volume of air inside the cup has a lot of influence on the sound, the deeper or more air volume the cups have more air volume is created inside it and will have a darker sound, and smaller cups have less air volume inside them and the sound will be brighter

I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Greetings and lots of music

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