21. ¿Por qué se pone negra la plata de la boquilla? Y cómo limpiarla

21. Why does the silver of the mouthpiece turn black? and how to clean it

Why does the silver of the mouthpiece turn black?

Many of you ask me why silver oxidizes and turns yellowish or a darker color, almost black. But, technically, silver does not oxidize, since it does not react with oxygen in the air, but with sulfur. This sulfur gives it this yellowish appearance and over time, if it is not cared for properly, it becomes darker.


When silver darkens, it does not imply that it is of poor quality, nor that it has been damaged, it is very normal and, on the contrary, it indicates that it really is top quality silver.


There are several factors that cause the silver in the mouthpieces to turn black:

  • The main cause is the PH of the skin or saliva.

The PH is the acidity index that your skin or saliva can have (normal is a PH of 5.6)


Therefore, depending on who touches it or because it is not cared for properly, it may take more or less time to turn black or on some occasions the mouthpiece looks new even if it is several years old, if we have a very low PH.


Other causes can be:

  • If you clean it with tap water, it may be that in the area where you live, this water contains a high sulfur content.
  • Some perfumes and colognes. Also some chemicals and soaps can contain a high PH and damage the silver.


But if this happens to you, don't worry because it has a solution.


The simplest is prevention. Dry it every time you use it and do not put it in the case directly with your hands, but with the same chamois that you have cleaned it with. (Nobody does it)


If the mouthpiece already has symptoms or darker spots.

How to clean silver:

The simplest thing is to use small chamois impregnated with special oils, which are especially indicated for cleaning metals. You can easily find them in supermarkets.


You rub them with the chamois until the silver reaches its original shine. You will notice that the chamois turns black, well, this black does not come from the dirt on the silver, but from the chemical reaction that is taking place when rubbing.

Another solution is to put a bit of Baking Soda (powder) on a slightly damp cotton cloth and rub the mouthpiece, this option is more ecological but perhaps you can scratch it a bit if we rub a lot  force, so it is better to rub very gently.


Once the shine of the silver is recovered, in both cases, you clean them with soap and water, yes, without PH and that's it. Mouthpiece like new.


Note: These solutions are for cleaning the mouthpiece and not for repairing minor everyday scratches.

You have to try to keep the mouthpieces each in its bag and not all crowded together in the same bag.

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