1. Romera Brass ACADEMY – Presentación

1. Romera Brass ACADEMY – Presentation

Do the Mouthpieces heat up your brain cells without knowing what to do?

Do you have many questions and little or no information?

Romera Brass ACADEMY is a consultation channel about mouthpieces, for teachers, amateurs, professionals, and, ultimately, for all lovers of brass instruments in general.

So that you too become an expert. This way you will have the tools to make the best decisions, to choose your best team of mouthpieces.

I would like Romera Brass ACADEMY to become a reference tool for all of you. And if you are a teacher, you will be able to guide your students much better, since we are going to try to make everything very didactic, so that musicians of all levels can follow and understand us. 

We will explain all the parts of a mouthpiece, how it integrates into the instrument, how to know which mouthpiece is best for each musician, why some work for us and others don't...

We are going to see in depth and in great detail, all the mouthpiece parts, those that are visible to the naked eye and those that are not. Rim, cup, grain, weight, materials... we will see absolutely everything! In short, all its secrets. 

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