29. Las dos dimensiones del granillo

29. The two dimensions of the throat


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When we talk about the throat we always give the reference of the throat diameter, but in reality, the throat has two sizes, the diameter we all know and which appears in all catalogues and the other size that does not appear in any catalogues but it is just as important is, the length of the diameter of the throat part. 


In this episode of Romera Brass ACADEMY number 29 I give you a general overview, what the throat is and where it is located.


!!!!Let's get started!!!!


The throat is located inside the mouthpiece, right where the cup ends the throat begins, and ends when the diameter is starting to get a little wider.


This part is no longer the throat, This part is already the backbore and as you can see, the throat is the narrowest part inside the mouthpiece.


The throat is characterized by having a cylindrical shape, has straight walls  vulgarly speaking it is a hole, as I have said before this hole has two dimensions, the diameter and the length of this diameter. 


From the beginning of the throat to the end of the throat, there will always have the same size.


The diameter of the grain is the measure that all we all know and you will find it in all catalogues.


Imagine this is the mouthpiece If we look at it from above, this throat may have if it is a trunk, maybe it is 4mm or if it is a 7mm trombone.


I point out that they are millimeters, because some American or English catalogues the size of the throat is given in inches, if you want to pass this sizes in millimeters you will have to use the inch conversion to millimeters.

(-Formula conversion from Inches to millimeters

1 Inch is equal to 25.4mm

Example diameter 7 millimeters

7mm divided by 25.4 = 0.2756 inches+-

0.15748 inches X 25.4 = 4 millimeters+-)

The other size of the throat is the length that this diameter has, or this throat, if for example this throat has 5mm can be short or it can be we can make it short maybe it will go this far, or longer, as far as here, or even longer.


but the whole  part of the throat has to have these 5mm. In this case 5mm but you know what I mean, depends on the mouthpiece, it can be 7 or 8 or 4mm long.


the entire length of the throat, will have the same size, that this size is shorter or longer, even much longer, will be very important when playing and in the air resistance.


this measure would have to be customized. according to the amount of air each musician throws, We will talk about the function of the throat in the following chapters of Romera Brass ACADEMY 


In this video we have seen where it is located and the two sizes of the throat, the diameter and the length of this diameter.


I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Greetings and lots of music

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