Boquilleando with Toni Romera

Welcome to the Boquilleando Blog of Romera Brass.

Hello, Hello, Hello, this is “Boquilleando” the Blog dedicated exclusively to mouthpieces for brass instruments.

I am Toni Romera CEO of Romera Brass and I like to say that among many other things, I am also a “Mouthpiece Luthier”. And I'm going to accompany you, if you allow me, to help you know and understand how the nozzles work, without further ado Let's start!!!!

Why "mouthing"? Why this name? Why an invented name? Simply, because we find it a nice word. You “boquilleamos” by playing with your mouthpieces and we “boquilleamos” by making them. We are all mouthing!

This aims to be a meeting place, in which to give tips, show videos and talk about all the details and secrets of the mouthpieces to continue advancing and growing together.

We want to thank you for being there, making music every day, in short, you give us a better and happier life.

Thanks again for letting Romera Brass accompany you on this path.

Tony Romera

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