32. Elementos que forman el aro

32. Elements that make up the rim


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Greetings MetalHeads

I have already made some entries to the Blog that talk about rim.


I did not have any chapter that located and named the set of elements that form a rim.


 Let's begin!


The rim is the part that touches our lip when we play.


It is formed of several elements.


We call the set of all these elements, RIM


Elements that make up the rim:

You can place the numbers on the cover image 😉


1 Inner rim shape(Red color)

2 Outher rim shape (Blue color)


A second element.

Where the inner shape and the outer shape join, they form a point, which we call

3 Culminating point.

(You can see Blog No. 5 and No. 24 where I talk about the culminating point).


Lastly I want to include two elements, that are not physical elements, such as the shape of the rim and the culminating point, that can be seen and touched.


These elements are: (ø Symbol in the drawing)

4 Inner diameter of the rim

And the

5 Outer diameter of the rim


But, added to the physical part, they give us the proportions and sizes of the rim as a whole.


Now we have located the rim, we also know that it is made up of several elements and we call the group of all of them rim.


I will dedicate more chapters to explain in detail each of the parts that make up the whole rim.


I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Greetings and lots of music

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