31. ¿Se desgastan las herramientas con las que se fabrican las boquillas?

31. Do the tools with which the mouthpieces are made, wear out?

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Greetings MetalHeads.

A few days ago I received an enquiry that surprised me a little. 🤔

I was asked¿¿??

When did you have to change the tool which made the cups of the mouthpieces and put a new one?

!!!!!!Let's start!!!!!!

The musician who asked  me the question wanted me to make a mouthpiece when I changed into a new tool, to have the correct mouthpiece measurements.

According to him, after manufacturing many mouthpieces tools wear out and the measurements are no longer the same.


The truth is, this is not the first time I've heard this, but, I had never been asked directly. 


I think the musician who submitted this enquiry was thinking in this system of tools that were used or that I at least used, but many years ago.


When I started making my first mouthpieces, I used this type of shovel tool, such as these.

These are for trombone or they also work for tuba, but it is the same for all instruments.

This tool already has the shape of the cup, this one is more U-shaped and is a little more conical.

The truth is that it is a very limited system, since you cannot make the cup in the shape you want.

!!!!I am going to show you how the mouthpiece cups were made before!!!!!

With these tools you drill until you have the desired depth of the cup.

If you go more or less deep, you will have more or less cup depth.

Fortunately, these types of tools or the way the mouthpieces were manufactured, I think that, at least, I have not used them for more than 20 years.

Now, the mouthpieces are manufactured with a numerical control, everything is computerized and we can make the shape of the cup we want.


It also uses a system of tools, such as these, totally different from the old tools.


I will show it to you in future videos.


Before I finish, I leave  a small comment.

I receive many comments that tells me If I can teach, how the mouthpieces are made trombone or tuba, etc....

🎼As the song says...🎶


To each his own  or each musician with his own instrument.

However, we are asked very few questions about the mouthpiece and how it works.

I understand that you like videos of how the mouthpieces are made, with the machines and all this.

And, okay, but seen one,for me, seen all.


For my part, there is no problem or secrets and I promise to show you in detail how they are manufactured.


But, the basic intention of Romera Brass ACADEMY is to give you information on how the mouthpiece works, answer your questions and help you grow as a musician.


Now it is.


I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Greetings and lots of music.

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