30. La influencia del peso en las boquillas

30. The influence of weight on the mouthpieces


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imagen con exterior de boquillas de trompeta


Greetings MetalHeads


Is a light mouthpiece with less weight better?a normal or standard mouthpiece with a normal weight or a Megatone type mouthpiece?


You know that everything surrounding a mouthpiece is very relative, and depends on several factors, also on the topic we are talking about today.

The weight of the mouthpiece


!!!!! Let's start!!!!


The idea of mouthpieces with different weights is that the weight or mass is also reflected in sound,

The theory tells us:

That when we play the theory tells us that when we play vibration occurring inside the mouthpiece moves outwards also from the mouthpiece,

passing through the material and this vibration alters the result of the sound, so if we have an exterior with more mass outside like Megatone,

vibration finds wider walls there is more mass throughout the mouthpiece and you will find it more difficult to move outwards and maintaining a sound somewhat darker or heavy.


An exterior with less  weight, light like this model, there is less mass and the vibration will move abroad faster and the sound will be lighter with a tendency to be a little brighter.


All this is what the theory tells us,


for me YES, there is a difference when we change the weight of the mouthpieces,


But it is so subtle that I relate it more to a color change. of the sound, that a change that you can say Highpitched register is easier or you have a better staccatto or the low registers are better this does not happen to me; as I say is more of a color change a sensation in the sound.


Another consequence that has is that this color change in the sound will affect the entire register in general, not only to the low, high or medium registers but to the entire register equally.


If for example, imagine playing a mouthpiece with an exterior light type how can it be this wth less weight and for you the sound it gives you is a little bit brighter,

all registers will be a little brighter high-pitched, medium and low - all registers..


About the weight of the mouthpiece is one of the questions I am asked the most,

The truth is that I do not have a clear answer,

The problem is that it is difficult to quantify the sound difference with a mouthpiece with more or less weight.

As it is very relative and it is a matter of nuance.

I think only the musician who is playing it can appreciate if it brings you enough the change of weight in the mouthpiece.


If you come to my workshop and want to modify aspects Like improve the low register, High registers or staccattos,.... well you know any technical part, modifying only the weight of the outside of the mouthpiece

I can't help you.


To modify these aspects you have to modify the inner part of the mouthpiece only modifying the exterior I think for me, I think it's impossible.


In this chapter I have given you my opinion and we have talked about what the theory tells us about the weight of the mouthpiece

My experience tells me that in every musician the feeling is totally different.


This topic is much wider but also very complicated since it cannot be quantified accurately what is the result of having more or less weight in the mouthpiece.


Before finishing I leave you a curiosity than many mouthpiece manufacturers carry out I don't say all, some, I for example don't do it, when making the mouthpiece in Megatone they also put a throat a little larger than normal so the musician feels that the Megatone mouthpiece has a different sound with more body and volume giving a false feeling that the Megatone has much more effect.

And here you go one question and you answer me in comments.


The sound difference is it because the Megatone has more weight? or because the throat is bigger?

I have it clear and you......??


I'm Toni Romera and I look forward to your questions and comments.

Greetings and lots of music

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