12. ¿Cómo tomamos la medida de la profundidad de la copa?

12. How do we measure the depth of the cup?

In our entrance of Boquilleando nº 10 How do we know the exact shape and measurements of a mouthpiece? We saw how, with the help of our three-dimensional measuring machine, we took the measurements of the inner and outer diameter of the ring and also the granule. But we still had something very important to know: How do we measure the depth of the glass?

Today we are going to discover it in this new entry!

So if you are curious to find out, keep reading and don't miss the video that you will find below, in which I explain everything in much more detail and very visual examples, so that it is easier for you to understand what I am telling you here.

The depth of the cup is perhaps the most difficult measurement to give exactly.

Some manufacturers in the specifications of their mouthpieces distinguish between a deep, medium, very deep, small cup, etc., but they do not give an exact measurement.

A simple way to facilitate the measurement of the depth of the cup would be to give a technical measurement. That is, the measurement that goes from the part that protrudes the most from the mouthpiece (highest point of the ring) to where the grain begins. But there is a drawback to this method, and it is that it does not take into account a very important element: the volume of air in the cup. For me, it is a fundamental aspect to take into account and more important, if possible, than the technical measure.

In the video below we look at cup depth versus air volume to understand what the difference is. Let's see it!

Actually, when we want to refer to the depth of the cup, we would have to talk about the cups having more or less volume of air inside. But since it is a term that has never been used in terms of mouthpieces, we changed it to "depth of the cup" and that way we all understand each other better.

Although I admit that for the moment this is the most "geeky" video I've made, I hope it has helped you understand how we measure the depth of the cup.

As a final note, I would like to remind you that on all the pages of this website where you can select mouthpieces according to your instrument, you will find a section, like the one in the image below, with a button that will allow you to access a table with measurements of equivalencies with other brands.

These measurements are taken with the same system or meter that I have explained in the video.

Thus, you will have a good comparison of the depth of the cups in relation to my mouthpieces.

In the next video we will answer another question that I am often asked, which is better silver plated or gold plated? Do not miss it!

I look forward to your comments, greetings and lots of music!

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