El músico es como un artesano

The musician is like a craftsman

 For me, being a musician is like being a craftsman, who dedicates himself to his craft in a meticulous and perfectionist way.

The craftsman, to reach perfection, has to spend hours and hours in his workshop, learning new things day after day and this means that, over the years and accumulated experience, he becomes a master, with a unique talent.

The musician will have a unique talent if he follows in the footsteps of an artisan, he will have to know endless little things, tricks, techniques, know how to study alone, work in a group, know how his body works, the instrument, how the mouthpiece works, And as I say and I believe that this is a good phrase.

"The musician will have to play many keys and all of them together, to form the instrumentalist and person that he is or wants to become".

I would like Romera Brass ACADEMY, along with my reflections and your comments, to be part of our path and that together we learn new things every day.

As you can see, there are many things to explain and share.

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